Coffee & Change

Coffee & Change

Bill Kirst is the Organizational Change Management Lead for the West Coast region at West Monroe Partners. West Monroe delivers an uncommon blend of business-savvy consultants and technical experts to work together with customers to achieve sustainable success. In his podcast, Bill talks with a diverse set of guests on the topic of leading change in today's ever-changing world. Brew up a cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy the listen.

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    Coffee And Change - Episode 13: Cybersecurity and Change

    In Episode 13 I interview William Peteroy, Security CTO at Gigamon and CEO and Co-Founder at Will is a thought leader and deep expert in the cybersecurity space and together we talk about change and cybersecurity. We discuss the pace of change in the security industry as well as the culture change that is required to shift mindset, stay sharp and attract the best talent in the market. Enjoy the listen.

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    Coffee And Change - Bonus Episode: Creating Learning Cultures To Embrace Change

    In this bonus episode (to make up for the gap in time since our last episode) I talk with Douglas Bushong about creating a culture of learning that embraces change. I truly enjoyed this conversation and learned a great deal myself throughout the discussion. I hope you enjoy the episode and share with your colleagues and fellow learning professionals.

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    Coffee And Change - Episode 11: Change in the Healthcare Industry

    In Episode 11, we talk with Sarah Cole, the Chief Financial Officer of Vera Whole Health. We discuss the changes that are occurring in the healthcare industry and the increased pace of acquisition and innovation that is disrupting the ecosystem and the patient experience.

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    Coffee And Change - Episode 08: Managing Change in Community and Economic Development in Ukraine

    On this special episode of Coffee and Change I talk with Roman Oleksenko, a Project Manager with Peace Corps Ukraine who leads Community & Economic Development Projects. We discuss the changing field of community and economic development, specifically through the lens of Peace Corps and its mission in Ukraine. This episode was recorded on site in Lviv, Ukraine. Special thanks to Denny Robertson, Country Director Peace Corps Ukraine, and Pilar Robledo, Director of Programs and Training, for all their assistance while I visited Ukraine.

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    Coffee And Change - Episode 07: Ever Changing Technology & Systems Engineering

    On this episode of Coffee and Change we talk with Brian Smith, a Systems Engineer at the University of Washington who has over 20 years experience in the technology field. We discuss the changing expectations of IT stakeholders and emerging technologies that are changing our consumer and professional interactions and engagement.

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    Coffee And Change - Episode 06: Managing Change in Environmental Affairs

    On this episode of Coffee and Change we talk with Brandon Ray, a graduate student at the University of Washington who studies Marine and Environmental Affairs and International Studies. We discuss the importance of understanding stakeholders in managing change in environmental policy, specifically arctic policy.

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